00:00 The Music Mix with Norman featuring the Flame Favourites
01:00 Derek & Vic with something to say and music to play
02:00 The Flame Sunday Concert
03:00 Mark & Pete discussing those things that matter in the world of fashion and business
04:00 The Flame Chat Room revisited
05:00 Haynsie & Friends with Mike Haynse and his studio guest
06:00 The Gospel Highway with Trevor Kirk
07:00 The Message is in the Music
08:00 The Gospel Mix
08:30 The New Arrivals on Flame
09:00 Prepared for Worship with Beryl Polden
11:00 Music for Sunday Morning on Flame
12:00 Sunday Worship with Andy Chrisman
13:00 God's Country with Phil Roberts
13:30 The Middle East Report with Jennifer Nevill
13:45 Unpacking God's Word
14:00 The Sunday Concert
15:00 The Gospel Highway with Trevor Kirk
16:00 Laura & Friends with all kinds of everything for children of all ages
17:00 Prepared to Worship with Beryl Polden
18:00 Sunday Worship with Andy Chrisman
19:00 Sunday Evening Worship on Flame
20:00 The Sunday Concert
21:00 Mark & Pete in hot debate regarding the world in which we live
21:30 Questions & Answers with Vic Edwards
22:00 Music to Inspire on a Sunday evening
22:30 The Message is in the Music
23:30 The New Arrivals on Flame CCR


00:10 In Concert compiled by Ray Oxley for Flame CCR
01:15 The Gospel Highway with Trevor Kirk playing the Classic CCM sounds
02:15 Mark & Pete in hot debate about our world around us
03:15 Brian Lincoln presents the best in CCM music.
04:15 The Flame Concert with Music to Inspire
05:15 The Flame Chat Room
06:15 The Music Mix with Norman
07:30 Haynsies Friends with Mike Haynse and his studio guest
08:00 Classic Sounds with Keith Robertshaw
09:00 Laura & Friends for children of all ages
10:00 Andy Eaves and the folk scene on Flame
11:00 The Chart Countdown Show
12:00 Planet Sport bringing a Christian perspective to the world of sport
12:30 Yesterday Once More with Gordon Beaumont
13:30 ITMA with Norman & Nick
14:30 the Flame Chat Room from Monday
15:30 In Touch with David & Laura
16:30 The Victor E Show with Vic Edwards
17:30 The Chart Countdown Show
18:30 The saturday Evening Concert from Ray Oxley
19:30 Andy Eades sharing his love for folk music
20:30 The NRT INSIDER Show from New Release Radio
21:30 The New Arrivals Show
22:00 Brian Lincoln presents Into the Night with music to help you unwind
23:00 Prepared to Worship with Beryl Polden


Bible Teaching and Local Interest programmes

The 15 minute Bible Teaching programmes are from series by Derek Lindley, from Manchester. Derek has produced series of talks on "Isaiah - an eagle amongst prophets", "Proverbs - laws for life", "Revelling in Revelation" and "Spiritual Fruit" plus "Something More" (featuring thoughts on a variety of topics). Other 15 minute Bible Teaching programmes are from GBS Radio (a local Wirral Christian programme producer) and from Good News Broadcasting

The 15 minute Sound Words programmes are from GBM Radio ( in Abingdon, with Derek French. They include programmes with real life testimonies.

The "Look Back" local heritage programmes can also be accessed in a "listen again" mode on our web-site. On accessing, a screen of information and photos about the programme is displayed. These 15 minute programmes on Wirral's heritage, sponsored by the Countryside Agency, include
  • Anglican and RC history, Merseyside Revivals, YMCA, St. Peter’s, St. Bartholomew’s, St. Michael’s & Holy Cross
  • Borough history, local Sculptures, Railways, Wirral in 1600, West Wirral in 1900, Merseyside Views, Chester City Mission
  • Brocklebank & Ismay shipping, Sea Shanties, John Newton, the slave trade and a local slave ancestry
  • New Brighton, Burton, Parkgate, Wirral Country Park, Storeton Woods
  • Wirral’s Vikings, People’s stories including wartime

"Haynesies friends"

Mike Haynes, a local Pastor and Chaplain to Birkenhead YMCA, talks to a person about how their life changed through becoming a Christian. The 30 minute programmes reflect on the “Darkness to Light” transition that many people have experienced and address moral lifestyle issues, some of an adult nature. Some stories are split over two programmes. Mike has found so many friends we have lost count, but we certainly hope for many more. We hope you like the music as well - Ray helps keep Mike's music flowing.
This series of programmes was "Highly Commended" by the Christian Broadcasting Council.

Introduced music programmes

These programmes major on Christian music and are from our previous one month “Flame FM on Wirral” RSL broadcasts.

30 minute programmes - produced at our "Green Door" studios on Wirral
  • "Chinese music" introduced by Susan from Liverpool's Chinese Disciples Church, adding a Chinese flavour to our programmes.
  • "Hot Joel" - modern CCM introduced by Joel, a teenager with physical disabilities but who loves getting behind a microphone.
  • "Martin's Gospel Mix" - music that Martin likes and that he hopes you like too
  • "Music inspired by the Word of God" - classical music, with a "religious" flavour, introduced by Derek.
  • "New Christian Music" - music, introduced by Norman, from the New Christian Music CD provided regularly by Paul Davis. Much of this music is by upcoming artistes, both from the UK and the USA, and artist biographies are included. Details of "New Christian Music" are on
  • "Upfront but Unsigned" - Pauline introduces some great music from upcoming artists who publish their own CD because they are not signed up by music distributor. If you know of local Christians whose music we should feature, please contact us.
  • Sixties music introduced by Roy - a nostalgic trip into an era when music was "real and rocking".
  • Poetry written and read by Clive who told us he "reads his poems to a small group of ladies", now his poems travel much further on Flame giving us a Radio 4 feel; his poetry programmes are also available on CD from the Flame studio.
  • God's Country produced and introduced by Phil who has been around the local Merseyside country music scene for many years and knows the music that he likes.
60 minute programmes - produced at our "Green Door" studios on Wirral

  • Beryl brings "Prepared to Worship" to Flame and introduces hymns of all genres. She spends much of her time searching for more.
  • Ken Madison brings Cockney humour and valuable vinyl to Flame. He makes times at Flame "Nice and Easy".
  • Andy champions our Country music cousins in his "Brilliant Country Show"
  • Paula brings "Soul on Saturday", with a strong Christian flavour and enthusiasm. She is often helped by husband Phil seems to know everything about Soul Music and its origins and artists.
  • Lins honestly admits that she only came to Flame to operate the desk, but now has her own "Folk Praise" show.
  • Ruth is passionate about worship and includes many 'helpful insights' in her "Pick and Mix" programmes.
  • Trevor Kirk, from UCB, keeps our memories alive with his "Rolling Back the Years" programmes featuring music from a specific year, and other facts about happenings in that year.

Christian thought, music and programmes

A one hour programme (introduced by David) with

  • thoughts from Wirral's Roy Lawrence. Roy (who used to be Vicar at St Stephen's church, Prenton) has recorded series on "the Ten Commandments", "the Creed", "the Lord's prayer" and "stages of life".
  • items from "Audiopot"
  • Bible readings, plus Bible stories from Good News Broadcasting
  • thoughts from Derek Springer of Good News Broadcasting
  • poetry by Rev Colin of
  • Christian quotes by Chris Power
  • "lifelines" drama
  • and "Tilly Tuppence poems" by Barb from Port Sunlight. These poems about "Tilly Tuppence, the naughties puppy in the whole wide world" were originally created for Sunday School pupils - three CDs are available, from the Flame studio.

Locally produced music programmes

Derek loves classical music and many of his friends keep finding great music with a Biblical theme which comes together in "Music Inspired by the Word of God".

Phil knows more about the country music scene than anyone within 50 miles, both locally and internationally, so we are proud to be able to give him 30 minutes air-time each week for "God's Country".

Keith believes the best music comes from the 60s, 70s and 80s and proves it with his "Classic Lunch" programmes - if you have a "fave" then phone us and we will get him to play it. And if you want to say a "thank you" to someone with a tune (instead of a flower) then phone us and we will include it on air.

Vic tells great "real life" stories and we try to match the music to his stories in his "Victor E" show.